I occasionally write an article here and there about my misadventures programming. I also document the history of my ever-evolving projects.

Bringing developers, translators, and users together with Discord

Published by Yiays on 2022-01-25 (Last edited 2022-03-25)
Tags: Case Study, Development, Discord | 195 Views

Discord servers are proving to be a great way to build a fast and direct line of communication between developers and users. Plenty of developers are already deeply familiar with Discord thanks to their beginner-friendly bot API. I use Discord myself to provide support to users, announce updates, and to obtain valuable feedback.

GitHub Activity Summary 2021

Published by Yiays on 2022-01-10 (Last edited 2022-06-03)
Tags: GitHub, Development, Web Development | 305 Views

2021 has been a troubling year for Discord bots, but despite this, I spent a big chunk of this year working on huge rewrites of my Discord bots. But that's not all…

The curious case of my Cookie Clicker clone

Published by Yiays on 2021-11-30 (Last edited 2021-11-30)
Tags: GitHub, Development | 372 Views

Clicker (made in 2018) was a simple game inspired by Ortiel's Cookie Clicker with a few twists. It's built with Windows Forms and Visual Basic, which was a challenge and looks very interesting as a result. It was only ever intended to be a programming excercise in a new language, but in 2021, someone started sending through bug reports.

GitHub Activity Summary 2020

Published by Yiays on 2021-11-15 (Last edited 2021-11-17)
Tags: GitHub, Development, Web Development | 441 Views

2020 was the last year of my studies, but despite the increased pressure of my final year of work for my degree, personal projects continued to grow in terms of both complexity and popularity over this year.

Who is Yiays?

Published by Yiays on 2021-10-08 (Last edited 2021-11-17)
Tags: Personal, Development, PSA | 434 Views

Hi, I'm Yiays, the sole developer of ConfessionBot, merely, MemeDB, and this blog. I build and maintain a bunch of Discord Bots, Websites, games, and tools - hosting them at cost from home.

GitHub Activity Summary 2019

Published by Yiays on 2021-09-30 (Last edited 2021-11-17)
Tags: GitHub, Development, Web Development | 490 Views

2019 was the year I started to take preservation and documentation of my work a little more seriously. Work from before 2019 is often lost, difficult to find, or undocumented - often a combination of the three. So this is the best place to start.

Merely turns 3! Here's some exciting news...

Published by Yiays on 2020-05-14 (Last edited 2021-11-17)
Tags: Discord Bots, Merely, MemeDB | 758 Views

As of the 3rd of May, merely has been in development for three years. A lot has been achieved in this time, and a lot of new exciting stuff is right around the corner!

A history of Yiays.com

Published by Yiays on 2020-03-18 (Last edited 2021-11-17)
Tags: Web Development, Personal | 695 Views

Portfolio websites are a stomping ground for web developers around the world, we compete to build the most impressive, responsive, futuristic, and unique websites we can. Innevitably, this also means that we have to redesign our websites a lot. I now have 7 redesigns of my portfolio website under my belt and it's getting hard to keep track of them all, so I've documented screenshots and my thought process at the time for each of them.

Introducing Confession Bot

Published by Yiays on 2019-06-22 (Last edited 2022-05-15)
Tags: Discord Bots, Development | 5552 Views

ConfessionBot is the most advanced anonymous messaging bot on Discord, with mod tools, multiple anonymous channel types, image support, and much more!

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