My projects

Here, you'll find projects created as part of my studies or in my free time, a handful of them have become somewhat popular with some communities.

Users: ~200 monthly visits
Platforms: Web (mobile friendly)
Technologies: PHP, Javascript (optional)

This website, updated yearly to showcase my skills as they grow. With this most recent design refresh, I'm also merging the blog into this site.


Users: Pending a rewrite
Platforms: Database and Web (mobile friendly)
Technologies: NextJS and MongoDB (coming soon)

A massive database of memes with crowd-sourced metadata, making for one of the best places on the web to search for memes.


Users: ~60 Discord guilds
Platforms: Discord and Web (mobile friendly)
Technologies: Python and Javascript

Merely is a framework for discord bots written atop of disnake (a fork of which implements advanced features like module reloading and translation. MerelyBot is an example implementation.


Users: ~18,000 Discord Guilds
Platforms: Discord
Technologies: Python

ConfessionBot adds anonymous messaging to Discord, being used by thousands of Discord servers, ConfessionBot is the most popular implementation of the Merely framework.

Babel Translator

Users: ~4 Volunteer Translators
Platforms: Web (PWA)
Technologies: Javascript

Provides tools to help translators work with my Babel language format.

Smartboard Games

Users: Active use in a classroom
Platforms: Web (mobile and smartboard friendly)
Technologies: Javascript

A collection of educational games for use in a classroom, being actively developed with a teacher and their classroom of primary school-age students.


Users: ~70 Monthly Visits
Platforms: Database, Discord, Web (mobile friendly), and UWP
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Javascript (optional), and Python

PukekoHost is a democratized game hosting service where members of a Discord server can crowdfund servers for their favourite games.

WipEout Fan Site

Users: Currently inactive
Platforms: Web (mobile friendly)
Technologies: Javascript

A fan site for a game franchise. Features some interesting CSS effects.

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