This year, ConfessionBot will have been around for 5 years. Discord has changed a lot in that time, and while I believe ConfessionBot has been keeping up fine, this year I'm focusing on a major overhaul. A great deal of the new changes are already live, so read on to learn about all the new features and how to use them!

Sleeker confessions

These new premium features allow for ConfessionBot to be more personal and integrated to your server.

Confessions now come in two new styles: confessions with server-defined messages at the start, and confessions with custom usernames and profile pictures!

Server-defined messages can automatically mention a role whenever there's a new confession, or they can appear attached to the custom username. You can set one in the new /controlpanel.

Custom usernames and profile pictures make each anon-id appear to be their own user, they also save a lot of screen space and make conversations feel more natural. You can enable this feature in the new /controlpanel.

Premium is required in order to use these features, learn more about premium at the end of this article.

Control Panel

With the new control panel, advanced features can be added to ConfessionBot without creating more commands.

The control panel exposes advanced settings that previously wouldn't have been added because of all the commands it would take to use them.

There's currently three types of settings available in the /controlpanel, I'm calling them Selectable settings, Toggleable settings, and Stringable settings.

Selectable settings (in the example above, language overrides) allow you to select your option from a list.

Toggleable settings (any settings with a 🟢 or 🔴 emoji) simply enable or disable upon click.

Stringable settings (any settings with a ✏️ emoji) open a text box for you to enter any string of your choice. They also have a 🔄️ reset button next to them. This changes the value to *unset* - which disables the feature.

In all cases, these settings save immediately after clicking and you don't need to press a save or apply button.

Simpler setup

A new, interactive /setup command has arrived which replaces /set. This makes ConfessionBot much easier to use for new users, it also makes it easier for all users to fully utilize the bot as more features continue to be released this year.

Setup can be run in any channel, and can then walk the user through setting, unsetting, and configuring all channels on the server using dropdowns and buttons.

To use setup, simply choose the target channel with the top dropdown menu, then choose the channel mode with the second dropdown menu. Changes are saved automatically.


Server owners (and any other interested party) can now receive occasional messages highlighting recent updates and new features they may want to utilize.

It's possible you found this article from an announcement. If you would like to no longer receive announcements, the unsubscription process is simple. Simply open the /controlpanel and click once on “Receive bot news in DMs” to opt out.

Reporting and confessions in the right click menu

You will now find that in the Discord right click menu, under Apps, ConfessionBot now makes an appearance.

Confess here starts a confession directly in paragraph mode, while Report confession sends confessions to myself for review.

I assume servers already have their own processes for reporting messages to their own moderators, so this is not that kind of reporting. Report confession is for serious incidents where I need to get involved - but not to worry - the user is warned accordingly before they proceed to send a report.

This feature will be best used for sending confessions to me without having to take screenshots. That's all it's really intended for anyway. Users and you will be encouraged to read the Terms of Service before sending any reports.

Premium is back

I removed premium for a while because I didn't have any premium features to offer. But with these new features rolling out, I feel a few of them justify a paywall.

Premium will always offer advanced and decorative features, priority support, and priority translation, but never access to private information.

I also offer a higher tier of premium where you can request modified versions of my Discord bots that run exclusively on your own server.

Premium can be attained in a variety of ways;

Learn more about Premium here.

Invite ConfessionBot to your server

If you don't already have ConfessionBot on your server, or if you'd like to add it to another, here's the link for your convenience; Invite ConfessionBot.

Feedback is always welcome

Join the community Discord and feel free to discuss these changes in the #general channel anytime.