Hi, I'm Yiays, the sole developer of ConfessionBot, merely, MemeDB, and this blog. I build and maintain a bunch of Discord Bots, Websites, games, and tools - hosting them at cost from home.

I'm a graduate with a degree in IT (majoring in Information Systems, for those curious) and work on these things in my free time, I delve deep into every aspect of Information Technology because I enjoy just about every aspect of it, from servers, networking, programming, database, web, security, you name it - I've probably learned it and used it to help bring my projects to life without having to depend on others or pay for their services.

Outside of my development work I'm an enthusiast of computer building, linux, 3D printing, VR / rhythm / simulation / puzzle games, solar power, right-to-repair, and the pipe-dream that is abolishment of intelectual property. You could say that I value individualism, self-sufficiency, and a world without subscription fees.

If you share any of my interests, you should check back on this blog every now and then. There should always be something new and interesting around the corner.