As of the 3rd of May, merely has been in development for three years. A lot has been achieved in this time, and a lot of new exciting stuff is right around the corner!

Before the turn of the third year of development, I updated the changelog to fill in all the gaps of development history, you can read it here if you're curious.

Currently being tested in beta is a new overhaul of the meme submodule; soon, any server owner will be able to have a designated channel where people can add memes to MemeDB and they can also subscribe channels to search terms! This means whenever a new meme fits the criteria of a search, it will be posted in the subscribed channel!

Upcoming Features

With these new features comes a set of new commands and extensions on old ones. I'll walk through some of the in development commands now.

Adding and managing a meme source

  • m/memesource add - adds the current channel as a memesource, meaning whenever a meme is posted, merely will ask for some metadata (tags, categories, descriptions and transcriptions of text and voice) - there will be a requirement for a certain amount of metadata before memes are accepted, but it won't be much..
  • m/memesource preset - lists presets, these are collections of categories and tags suitable for a meme (eg. 'edgy', 'anime' or 'fnafposting') - these can save you, and other members of your server - time when providing metadata for memes.
  • m/memesource remove - removes this channel as a memesource, merely will no longer collect memes from this channel.

Advanced meme search

To make subscribing channels to meme searches decent, a more advanced search had to be implemented, here's the syntax at the moment...

m/meme edge:1 category:cursed tag:minecraft -tag:children will get you 🌶(SFW) cursed minecraft memes without children.

With this knowledge, you can now create custom searches to subscribe a channel on your Discord server to a daily feed of memes!

Adding and managing a meme subscription

For this example, pretend you have a #general channel, an #edgy channel and a #minecraft channel, here's how to get everything other than edgy or minecraft memes in your general channel;

  • In #general: m/memefeed add edge:1 -tag:minecraft
  • In #edgy: m/memefeed add edge:2
  • In #minecraft: m/memefeed add tag:minecraft

With this, you'll get quality memes in all three channels without any overlap. Just don't forget to contribute your own, and provide as much metadata as you can!

Edit: An update on this as of October 2021; it's looking more and more like MemeDB might become it's own Discord bot independant of merely.